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Unknown device connected, music playing sporadically

Unknown device connected, music playing sporadically




United States


Moto Supra e5

Operating System



My Question or Issue

Hello! I'm having the world's weirdest issue that I've never experienced before while using Spotify. This morning, my phone informed me that there was a device called Web Player (Chrome) connected to my device, and asked me whether I'd like to continue listening there or listen on my phone. I chose my phone thinking nothing of this. In retrospect, this should've been suspect because I've never connected to spotify via web player.

The first song I played today got  about 50 seconds in before it started from the beginning. And this kept happening about 5 times. The song would not finish for whatever reason, so I moved on to one of my playlists thinking the song itself might be an issue. But the playlist was acting really wonky too. It would pause mid song, next to the next one before the song finishes, and when I manually pause the music would unpause and skip to new songs regardless.


I searched around this community for answers, tried changing my password and logging out of all my devices per one of the suggests, but when I log back in this device is this connected. I'm really confused and really really freaked out. What do I do to fix this??



2 Replies

Im having the exact same issue for some days now and i couldnt find anything on this topic. Glad you posted about it.

I already changed my password and logged everybody out of my account but it doesnt help.




Hey! I was able to get the issue fixed in about 20 minutes by contacting spotify support and having someone help me out! Click this link: then go to account-->other and detail the problems you have. Hopefully it's as helpful for you as it was for me!!

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