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Unlike a Song?

Unlike a Song?

How can I unlike a song? There used to be a feature for this but the new update killed it like "starring" I suppose?


I really can't stand some artists or some overplayed songs so unliking was pretty useful for me.


Is it dead? If not, how can I "ignore", "unlike" some songs or artists?


This update really made Spotify unusable and ugly for me -_-


Edit: Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

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Where was this available before? If you mean in discover, that was only being tested on a small percentage of users for a while. Maybe a future release will make that available to all of us,

You need to supply more context about what you want.  For example, in the radio feature of Spotify which I've used quite a few times, there is a "thumbs-up, and down" feature.  Thumbs-up will add that song to the automatically generated list called "Liked from Radio" which in turn will make sure to play it more often for you as long as it applies to the radio station you're listening to.


If you are talking about playlists, just remove the song you hate from the playlist.


If you're talking about Soundrop, you can "up-arrow" a song to make it play next on the queue.  Star it to, I suppose, when you shuffle the list the starred songs will be higher on the queue.   The way Songdrop works, the songs you've just listened to, go to the end of the queue so until you hear the entire list you don't get to her that song again.  However, this is where the tricky part comes, if another user in the same room decides to "up-arrow" a song, you will hear it next regardless.  Soundrop is subject to some admin control, if you're upping a certain song over and over and the room has an admin; you may be considered a nuisance.

@molokaicreeper: Of course I am not talking about Playlists.


Your first guess is right, I am talking about the radio/discover feature...


That is the problem. Thumbs-up/down feature no longer exists in the latest update as far as I can see. 

Currently playing song interface is also gone. It is only the minimized player icons now, I can't double click and bring it to the center.


Did you update your client to the latest? (


@ : I have had that feature for a very long time now and it was pretty much one of the main reasons why I was using Spotify. It was forming the radios the way I prefer it, "customization" in other words.


I seriously can't stand "Let it Go" popping up when I am in discover mode or listening to special lists. And I don't want to go to the program and "pass" every god-darn song I don't like EVERYTIME! Spotify is really really irritating this way.


I hope they bring it back soon.

Oh I just realized, are you referring to the PC version of Spotify?  Otherwise what device are you referring to?

Windows/Desktop and yea I realized it is in the wrong forum.

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