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Unlink/link Spotify Premium account from PS4

Unlink/link Spotify Premium account from PS4

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to link my spotify account to my PSN account so that I can use Spotify on a PS4. Problem is that, after entering the correct username and password the PS4 doesn't want to link and I get this message that says that my spotify account is already linked to another PSN account.

I don't remember linking my account to any other PS4... Someone have an idea how I could make it work ? Could an administrator take a look a it and delete all the accounts, that are linked to my spotify ?


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Hey @kassarmd! Welcome to the Spotify Community ! Have you tried to 'SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE' from your profile page ?



To be sure only you have access to your account, you can always change your password on the password reset page.


Let me know how this works for you

Have a nice day

Hello Kejt,

thank you for your help, unfortunetly disconnecting everywhere doesn't unlink accounts.




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