[Unspecified] Can't log in with my handy?


[Unspecified] Can't log in with my handy?

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I download the Spotify App for my handy and install it.

Then I wanted to log in, but my username/password is incorrect, but I logged in with the same information which I use on my computer. I tried my facebook information and my user information (a long number), nothing works.

I use the Nokia XpressMusic.


Can anybody help? 



Regards    Tobi

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I have the same problem.... I take my Facebook Username and Passwort on the Computer. I use the Nokia N8 . Please help!!!!!!!!!


Greets Natschi

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Hi, I also cannot log in on my smartphone.Either the facebook nor the spotify way is good enough.I use the omnia 7.
Squeezebox radio, samsung tablet and laptop are o.k.
If there is anybody outwhere to help us, please give us a sign!
Best regards. MATTHIAS in germany.


DJ-Suchti- First in order to use Spotify on your mobile you'll need to upgrade to our Premium service. I can see you just ended our 48 hr trial. You should have an email from us offering to extend that by another 30 days in your inbox. 


Since you registered via Facebook you'll need to retrieve your device usrename and set a password. You can do all of that right here: https://www.spotify.com/help/faq/devices/connect-devices/


However, I should note that the Nokia XpressMusic isn't one of our supported mobile devices. While our app maybe still work on it, we won't be able to guarantee we'll be able to resolve any future queries. 


Natshci13 & fritz54walter- You'll both need to retrieve your username/ password for your device using that link above. @fritz54walter I should note the Omnia 7 is also not currently supported. For a full list of our supported devices please check here