[Unspecified] What is the best phone to run Spotify on?

[Unspecified] What is the best phone to run Spotify on?


EDIT: Topic locked as no OS Specified


Can someone till me what they think the best phone is to use the Spotify App with? 


Looking to upgrade, and need some advice 

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You mean Windows Phone? In Windows Phone Spotify's app is poor, see topic.


I tested new Android Spotify Preview and I can suggest Android phone. The new preview app is really good and will be available soon in Google Play.


Do you want/like just some OS? What OS?


Windows Phone, if you like it, Nokia Lumia 800 is very good. The big deal is free Nokia Music streaming app.


You can see all compatible devices here.


Android or iPhone are best if you like to get Spotify app with updates...

If your mind is completely open and you have nothing against Apple and no ties to WP or Android then I'd suggest an iPhone. Not everyone's cup of tea, but the iOS app does seem to get the most love from Spotify.

The Android app comes second - it's getting some attention now and the beta release is more stable, but still missing some important features and releases seem quite slow at the moment.
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