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Update Windows Phone 10 app

Update Windows Phone 10 app



I miss the Soptify Connect feature on my Lumia 950XL!

Please update the Spotify - App with the same featurelist as Android.

When we can expect an Update for WP10



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Why don't any community manager answer to us?!

Good question... seems like they just ignore this 😞

I'm also using Windows phone and I wish they could update their app soon.


If they have any news about it they will prob inform us via Social media

Just trying to help other people

This is pretty sad actually... I am a paying customer for two years (still remember the lame app that was blocked to premium only). I was glad when spotify got updated to the current one. But there are tons of issues and problems (spotify freezing, playback pausing and you have to restart your phone because there's no way to make it play again, messed albums, graphic glitches etc.) and nobody seems to care about those. 


I am asking why? Why should we be punished for using windows phone devices? What's the point of even having an app for WP if you can't keep it updated? You should do us a favor and just kill the app, so we can switch to a different platform, since you so kindly told us to do just that.


I am not even angry, just in a state of resignation, because i have no other option. There's no apple music for windows phone, groove is not available in my country and deezer doesn't have much classical music, which i love very much.


Just sigh 😞

Answer from Spotify support:


"Sadly, we are unable to confirm when or if there will be any updates/further support for Windows Phone at this point."

Spotify is realy realy realy stupid. 

They can't even confirm further support. Now that really makes me sad.

Okay. Enough. I will stop my Spotify Premium subscription next month.

"You can change the paltform , if you need this sorted asap."


This must be the most stupid reply ive ever seen from somone who somehow earned a higher place in a community. Or rather that one sentence.

How do you think it would make you feel if you were told to change platform just to get an app to work? One APP. Are you trying to piss people off?






I changed to Windows Phone knowing it would be a rough ride for the time to come, but for an App this big, a company this big. To actually see this kind off **bleep** behavoir from Spotify and its Community makes me just want say "Fück it all".


Too bad that the only exit I see is just to stop my subscription and look for alternativs...

One more thing what you can do before unsubscribing is to report Spotify app to Microsoft.

Ah, good idea.

However, if it stops working or gets worse its going to be bothersome if M$ removes it...

We got @sshole M$ on one side, we got @sshole Spotify on the other :s

..and then we have the "@ssholes" that keeps insisting on calling them "M$"..

Holy **bleep**, we are surrounded by assholes



Nice, I just went from Android to W10M and discovered that the app on W10M is somewhere around 2 years behind the Android app. I think I'm going to cancel my family subscription as soon as the free period is out.

Honestly, is this a response?


What beggars belief is that my old Fire HD - two years down the road from purchase at least - has Connect, isn't laggy, and manages to download playlists when I call for them. My spectacular new 950 - which from a hardware and OS perspective somewhat boots my Kindle out of the park - is the precise opposite and Spotify is effectively unusable.


It should be said that the 950 is like hen's teeth in the UK and my local UK provider told me they had been overwhelmed by interest. I'm no MS fanboy but it seems obvious that they've played it pretty well - the free OS upgrade strategy is starting to pay off and W10 is a very, very nice platform. Spotify seems to be ignoring this and there are plenty of other services out there. Thefact that the effort seems to have been pushed into the BezOS - and Spotify on Kindle does seem to get a fair frequency of update - is baffling. It's f***ing Microsoft, for God's sake!! They will win!







Please sort this out Spotify, or we go elsewhere.

We pay money for an app that doesn't even have half the features you offer!

I sent a mail to the "premium" support about a week before Christmas asking about updates and if the douchebag response that hpguru made is true.
No respons, so i take it as even they dont want to support W10M.

My subscription ends today...

They should makes this post sticky, so that W10M users knows that they are paying for an old non-supported app and that their best choice is to just "Change platform".

Cancelled my Premium Spotify subscription after two years of misery on Windows Phone.  Maybe I'll return when a decent Windows app is developed.

Meanwhile my monthly 10€ goes to Groove Music.  Although it misses a lot of features I enjoyed on Spotify, at least Groove Music works much, much, much better....

In fairness, my email to Spotify support was dutifully answered and suggested a straightforward reinstall of Spotify to my Win10 phone; this cured at least some of the lagging but it's still intermittent and unpredictable. Putting Spotify into offline mode tends to make loading of saved playlists weirdly slow, maybe thirty seconds, maybe more... I'm perservering but I wish there was a method of sending Spotify some kind of bug report.

Then you had more luck than most 😕 Even thoguh their lame half assed "fix" actually does fix anything (for me they came back, and I went as far as to reset my phone, 950 XL) its still sad excuses for an old outdated app that is not even supported. Allot of the features is either incomplete or missing, hell even the support info is old (didnt even exist for me). Even I may go back to Spotify if the app gets fixed in the future, however, considering the communitys respone, the supports response and the overall feeling of denying the W10M existance. It seems that it may take a long time and an **bleep**ing "get your **bleep** togheter" from Spotify. But hey, we got alternatives, Groove Music and Deezer.... or the old way, MP3 all the way... Thank you Spotify for you initative....

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