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Update Windows Phone 10 app

Update Windows Phone 10 app



I miss the Soptify Connect feature on my Lumia 950XL!

Please update the Spotify - App with the same featurelist as Android.

When we can expect an Update for WP10



61 Replies

When I used Android I used Spotify because I did not think. It was just there. Now that I’ve had Windows and the horrible Spotify app since Christmas, I’ve got some time to think about my actions. And after some consideration I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need Spotify anymore. Spotify is outdated (on any device) considering the music I listen to. Spotify have grown too big: they don’t care about the customers, some of the biggest pop stars have abandoned Spotify and all the apps have different functionality (don’t believe me? Try Spotify on PS4 – the Windows Phone version is very good compared to that). Spotify needs to get their feet on the ground again and think about the customers. It looks like they have forgotten (or ignored) that there are other streaming services available. It’s sad to see a giant like Spotify on the edge of a cliff with Apple music being the one closest to push Spotify over.


The only reason I went from WiMP (now Tidal) to Spotify was because Spotify had electronic music (mostly trance to be fair – they have always been pretty bad at house and electro). That was years ago. Now I can’t see any reason why anyone would need to stay at Spotify:


* DJ shows, such as A State of Trance or Club Life, is available as podcasts for free on podcast apps.
* Electronic music is available for free on Beatport and Mixcloud and possible to listen to through Edge (both on mobile and desktop).
* Commercial radio-music (pop, rock and so on) is available on Deezer (and any other streaming service you like).


Too bad Spotify, because I really liked being a customer. I guess you should cross your fingers that the fastest growing version of Windows ever (hint: I’m talking about Windows 10) is not going to be that popular. #sarcasm



So, still no news from Spotify team...?!?

Hey hpguru


Are you kidding me?


This answer is absolutely not acceptable!!

A Universal App for W10 is required. The question is not if, the question is how fast!


Sorry for my bad english to the other posters,!

I´m realy impressed becouse of the response to my question!!


I couldn´t understand answers like this and I hope Spotify goes for Universal App!

Spotify risk the 1st place in Musicflatrate services because of answers like this and other services (like Deezer) makes the job better and faster then Spotify!!


Thanks for nothing essential hpguru


As posted here:



The Windows 10 Mobile App really lacks some features...

1) Spotify connect not there.

2) Offline tracks/songs can not be synced (like android)

3) Seems slower than the android or ios version

4) Bug: On my lumia 950 spotify always shows "offline" for the first time after opening (even if it's online and syncing songs, searching is not possible... always need to go to settings and put spotify in offline mode, then online mode again, to get it working.)

5) General: It's not possible to leave spotify open in the background. After like 5min and reconnection of a car's bluetooth or a bluetooth box, you have to reopen spotify to be able to control it again via bluetooth.


Please do not just ignore Windows 10 Mobile devices...It's annoying to have to use an extra android device at home to stream music to my yamaha avr, just because the win10mo app does not support Spotify connect.

After getting slightly irritated by Spotify's usual customer support 'we'll be sure to pass it on to our developers' blather and not being particularly enamoured by the 'gift' of an additional month's premium subscription (rather like being given fuel for a car with slashed tyres), back on the 26/01 a 'Steve' of 'Spotify Customer Services Cambridge' promised that 'we are currently looking into this for you' and 'as soon as we have a resolution we will get back to you.'


It should be said though that this reply is in truth a noreply address of, a CRM middleman presumably there to field irritating people like me. I'd love to think we were heading for a resolution, but the lack of subsequent update or contact from the dev team only adds fuel to the fire.


At this stage, I am in no doubt that Spotify are selling a knowingly broken product on the Windows store and have little recourse now than to take it to Microsoft. It's interesting that Spotify offer no recourse at all for abitration, no email addresses or contact telephone numbers other than those designed purely to bin complaints off. It is a hugely lousy, patronising model which bodes ill for the fickle world of mobile apps.


What's really galling is that a tiny, one-man-band service like Audiocloud (an unofficial Soundcloud front end) with a zillionth of Spotify's resource is actually pretty slick and reliable on Windows 10 Phone. It kind of proves this stuff really isn't that hard.

So, in fairness I should report that Spotify has indeed shifted version - to - and switching around menus seems slightly faster but calling up playlists continues to be pretty sluggish in comparison to the Android and (gallingly) Amazon variants. Still no Connect either, which doesn't inspire much confidence that this is a genuine, ground up revision of a broken app and not just some cynical twiddling with version numbers.


This is the last post I'll place on this subject here as there are other threads which far more usefully are looking for a Universal app which is surely the only way to go. Make no mistake; if it wasn't for the fact Spotify largely has a superior music library to its competitors I would've walked, but frustratingly I seem tied. Sportify's utterly woeful customer service is reason enough.

Well, like some other frustated customers, I think I have waited enough... I just cancelled my Spotify subscription and switched to Deezer, at least they care better (well, it's hard to care less than Spotify...).
Good luck to those still waiting for an update.

oh, switch the platform is supposed to be the solution?

i came up with an alternative solution: cancel my abo (premium customer for about 3 years)


the desktop client gets worse and worse.. the revamping of the star feature cost me an insane amount of time...

win phone client is ignored altogether .... even though you can do universal apps now, which should significantly up the userbase of the up. so it would have been a clever move to come up with a new app before dropping the support for the old one.


on the upside: spotify supports linux. (my desktop environment) ... but that doen't make up for all the bullcr@p i got in the last years.


i was just using spotify as a convenient addition to my record collection/my audio rips and my mp3s ... nice to have stuff on your phone/in your car etc... but when sth  causes more headache than it brings comfort it just has to go.

Just installed Deezer on my Lumia 735 WP10 and it works great and looks better. Way better than Spotify, so this is gonna be my first and last post on this forum since I already unsubscribed the premium service and I'll drop Spotify entirely.
Funny, I was only looking for informations about Spotify's app update and that completely dumb reply pissed me off so much I stared serching for alternatives straight away and I found something better!
Sometimes bad things bring to good things.

For no friggin´ reason, with our Family Account, Spotiy works decently when I log in with my username, and is completely unusable with my wife´s . 


This app is an unbearable piece of trash. Either it gets fixed, or we will move to Groove Music, sadly. 

I have been a dedicated Spotify Premium user for over a few years. Loved the service even though I was/am a windows phone user. I always promoted the service and convinced my surrounding to pay for streaming services like Spotify. It's a shame Spotify only focuses on iOS/Android. I had to use my Android tablet to control my Spotify music @ home. Was annoying, but kept faith one day I would have 'Connect'.

Since end of May they also stopped the lyrics service. One of the things I really liked. When you click it atm you get the message they updating the service. I thought it was server maintenance or something. So I waited. After 2 weeks still the same message, so I googled some more information. Thay discontinued the service with musixmatch..... I don't care for which reason they had to part ways, but BE TRANSPARANT to you PAYING users. Now I'm done waiting for features which will never come. Guess Spotify is too big to care for individual problems, just focussing on the mass. What also annoys me they dont have a dedicated Customer Support. You have a forum where you can get help from other (paying) users or moderators. **bleep**. Never felt so cheated. Looking for streaming alternatives now. I dont mind paying, but I do expect a premium service. Bye.


Ps. If I find a decent alternative , will check back here to inform you all.

You are right. I switched my platform to groove music. no more money for spotify if they are unable to fix their broken windows phone app.

I switched to Tidal (There is a great Unofficial Universal Win 10 APP) an quit Spotify.

Any improvement according to Spotify Connect for Windows Phone 10?

Nope. Still standalone.

One more paying premium user considering to switch the platform. If I don't get a decent Windows Phone 10 eperience and connect, I am going to stop my spotify subscription in a month.

Hey Spotify.
I have big problem with Spotify.
It dosn't work in background, you know i am listining music with my bluetooth earbud, and somtimes i need to puase music and after a while play it again.But becuse Spotify dosn't work in backgrouand nothing happen when i push the play button on my earbud.
please fix it,
thanx spotify

it seems we should change our music apps

Its the same trouble by me, Spotify should shame itself to not bild a good full working app for our Windows 10 platform.


It seems like we have to change. Too bad that I don't have a credit card (I am currently paying with my operator mensual plan), but as soon as I get a way to pay for another service I'm just leaving. Groove and Deezer works amazing with their UWP

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