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Update the Roku (and TiVo) App!

Update the Roku (and TiVo) App!

Hello, Spotify.

I'm a faithful user of your service and love the consistent updates to your Apps - EXCEPT for Roku and TiVo! The Roku app is so out of date that it tries to play songs that are no longer on playlists!

There is a serious need for an update to get it (and TiVo) in line with the rest of your gorgeous portfolio of apps.
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Seriously.  The Roku app is one of the main reasons I have a premium account.  But it is so featureless and buggy, that I am thinking of ditching Spotify altogether.  The search function just stopped working on me so now I can't access any music at all via my Roku, which is the main way that I listen to music in my house.  If it doesn't get fixed soon, I am cancelling my premium account.


It needs a complete overhaul.  It could be much better.  I don't expect it to be everything on a Roku that it is on my laptop, but it could be better.  Or at least just work.

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