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Use Spotify with my Audio Receiver Pioneer VSX-921

Use Spotify with my Audio Receiver Pioneer VSX-921


is there a way to use Spotify on my AV Receiver Pioneer VSX-921? The Receiver has DLNA and Internetradio on board. Thanks for help and information.



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Hello there.

Just looked into this - While there isn't a specific Spotify application for that Receiver (unlike some other devices), there might be some other ways you could play Spotify through it.

It looks like it has a USB connection, so if possible, you may be able to set that receiver as the default sound device when connected to your computer. Then, Spotify should play music through that.

Otherwise, you'll be able to plug your computer / phone into the receiver using a Phono / Stereo cable, and play Spotify that way.

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That's good to be able to use Pioneer AR as DAC and amlifier, but these devices have a direct streaming capability.


Is there a way to connect and play from Spotify using vTuner and connecting via URL to the playlist etc. with user authentication?

The channels on internet radio can be programmed from desktop application with givingthe URL link to the station...

Does Spotify work this way? It would be a bit manual setup, but still direct..


Is there some intent to have all Pioneer amplifier firmware updated with Spotify soon? 



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