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Use of the Spotify logo and other to promote Spotify

Use of the Spotify logo and other to promote Spotify

Hi! How am I allowed to use the Spotify logo in videos, paitings, artworks, web pages and such? Also, how am I allowed to promote Spotify on the web? Sould I say "Spotify is a trademark..."? Should I accept some agreements? Or can I just use it i any way and just not to modify it? Need help as fast as possible...

3 Replies

Hi @user-removed what is this regarding specifically? The more details we have the better. 


We ask that you don't use the Spotify logo in videos, paintings, artwork etc. This goes against our brand guidelines. 


In what way are you promoting Spotify? Of course you can chat about share Spotify with your friends and family but it sounds like you have a more extensive project in mind.

In videos, we just took a video of opening the spotify app on an iphone (the app showing the logo on startup) We didn't download the logo, we only used the iphone app.


It's not a full focus in the video. We did a lip sync of Flaslight by Jessie J and added that video showing Spotify app (just a small part) just to share Spotify to my classmates that will watch the video. The video will be used as a project at school and will be uploaded on youtube and will not be monetized.


Please allow me.


In artworks, I stitched the logo on a pillow for personal use, I just love Spotify.


Where do I see the brand guidelines?

That all sounds perfectly fine @user-removed thanks for asking 🙂

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