Using spotify with Panasonic allplay speakers

Using spotify with Panasonic allplay speakers







SH-all1c, SC-all05

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 I have just started creating a free spotify account in order to know how it works. I bought Panasonic SH-all1c and Panasonic SC-all05 devices. I have checked in Panasonic website that spotify can communicate with both devices. The problem is that they are not visible in the "available devices" list.

 I have also checked the page:

 and it seems that at least sh-all1c device is in the list and work with and without premium account.

 My question is:

 Is it necessary the premium account to see those devices as available or is there anything to do with the firmware?

 I normally use these devices through Allplay Jukebox app and I have no problems to control both of them. I have realized that if I select "Music Services" in Allplay Jukebox, Spotify appears in the list. Selecting Spotify directly opens Spotify app so I suposse that the devices can be controlled directly from Spotify app.

 Could you please help me on this issue?

 Thank you in advance !

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Hey @jjgilsoto, help's arrived. 


There are many speakers that work with Spotify Connect, even if you're on the Free service. If you don't see any available devices in the app, restart all your devices (and speakers). After this, make sure that:

  • All devices are on the same WiFi network.
  • Your Spotify app is up-to-date.
  • All devices’ software/firmware is up-to-date. If you don't know, check with your devices' manufacturers for how to update the version software.
  • If possible, try switching between different networks and see if that helps.

On your phone, there's also a setting called 'Show local devices only' in the app's settings. Make sure to enable that and see if it makes a difference.


Let us know how it goes 🙂



 Hello Jemi,

 Thank you for your help. I Think I know what the problem is.

  First, I install Spotify in a Lenovo z90a40 phone (android 6.0.1). After resetting all my devices, Spotify still does not work.

  Second, I install Spotify in my old 1st generation motorola moto g (android 5.1). In this case, both devides appear in the list but "for premium users only". Therefore, I suppose there exists a sofware problem in my Lenovo.

 Thank you again for your help. Problem solved.

 Kind regards,


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