Very Bad Soundquality

Very Bad Soundquality


Dear Support, dear Community,


since a long while I have a problem with the soundquality of my spotify music. If I start streaming music ("radio") I have a very bad sound quality. There is something like a ratched in the background. I can't hear the music even 10 mins until I have to stop it and change to music which is not from spotify.


It doesn't matter if i am streaming it over my phillips tv using the tv speakers or my 5.1. surround system or if i am playing it with my ue boom portable speaker the quality is always horrible.


I already checked all settings, my quality is set to "extreme quality" and my internet at home is very well so it cant be a problem with the bandwidth.


I really need help, otherwise i doesnt see a future for my premium account.


Thank you very much for your assitance.


Kind regards,



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Hi there!


Thanks for your post.


That doesnt sound good.


Is this happening on a particular song/album/station? Can you post the URI and I'll take a closer look for you.


Also, can i ask if you have gapless playback on if using mobile? Please can ask you to turn it off and see if this helps?


Keep me posted.

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