View All Playlists Without Images

View All Playlists Without Images

I have a lage number of playlists in my account, and when I view my set of playlists on the web, in this case through the Chrome browser, it's very difficult to search for a particular list because they each have giant images. The only way I have been able to do so thus far is Crl+F and seach by name. It would very helpful to give the user the option to just see all the playlists as a list like we see in the mobile app and the desktop app.

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Hey @nysteve, help's here.


Because of the compressed format of the Web Player, functionality may vary from the app. There's currently no way of viewing the playlists like that, but if you think this is something other users would like to have implemented, feel free to create a new idea. Others can vote for it and contribute to the discussion. 


You can find more info on how ideas reach Spotify here.


Let us know if there's anything else 🙂

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