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Vizio TV App - Beginning of song skips

Vizio TV App - Beginning of song skips

Kind of at a loss here.  When using the Vizio TV app for the M-Series, the first 2 seconds of every song "skips", causing an abrupt start to every new track.  It sounds atrocious and makes playlists unlistenable.  


Any insight would be appreciated.  Anyone else experiencing this?

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Nothin', huh?


I have to say this is pretty frustrating.  I can't tell if it's just me experiencing the issue or what.  

I have a VIZIO 65" 4k and it is doing the dame thing you descrive.... pretty anoyong, have you found a result or is it just an APP issue ?

I have no idea. My fear here is that there isn't enough of a voice to get anything done about it. You are literally the first person other than myself I've found on the internet experiencing the same issue.

I haven't tried a factory reset of the TV, but I'm reluctant to, especially now that that I know I'm not the only one.

Well don't waist you're time, I have already tried it.. Nothing worked.
It should be covered under manufacture warranty, but I would hate to have
to ship something so expensive just for an APP problem...

Nothing on this?  Really?  


I had to have my TV replaced for a separate issue with the picture and was hoping my issue with Spotify was specific to my unit, but the issue continues.   Anyone who is told to replace their TV over this issue with the manufacturer should probably refrain--The issue is with Spotify. 


How can this be possible?  Is testing not performed to ensure the very most basic function of your app (playing music) is in working order? These are the beginnings of the song--literally the first 2 seconds.  How could this go unnoticed?  I'm absolutely floored by this. 

I just bought a Vizio tv and experienced the same issue. Almost a year later and still no resolve. Ridiculous because it's so obvious and hard to ignore. Such a waste because the interface is very nice and user friendly.

Same problem here. Contacted Vizio and we did all the possible reset, network checks, DNS modifications. They are saying this is a Spotify problem as all tests on TV were done and that this behaviour is only found on THIS app...


Hoping Spotify will not throw back the ball at Vizio! 😕

Spotify please fix this.

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