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Vodafone and Spotify Premium :(

Vodafone and Spotify Premium :(

Hi all, noobs here so pls be kind I hope you can help.

12 months ago I signed up for Vodafone sim 12 months with spotify premium. worked great for 1 year now its ending, if I cancel my subscriptions will I lose all my playlists, following/ers etc or will it be changed to a free subscriptions with ads and such but still have my playlist (which are huge, hence do not want to lose)


Also, how do I change my payment method from Vodafone DD to my own credit card details as I may leave Voda altogether for O2, giffgaff, EE etc. Will that cause me to lose all my playlists?


Voda customer service are not helpful at all.


Any help would be appreciated, Thank you x



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Hi, did you find a solution to this question?  I'd also like to switch my vodafone linked account to a standalone spotify account.

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