Volume Control has a super small useful range

Volume Control has a super small useful range






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When streaming to a Primare network streamer via Spotify Connect the useable volume range on the slider is only a couple of CMs wide making small adjustments almost impossible, and creates the risk of accidentally turning it WAYYY up. I reached out to Primare who said this was determined by the streaming service. Anyone else encounter this? Can anything be done?

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Hey @jaeysin,


Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Community!

In this case, we'd like to investigate further. Can you share with us some screenshots about what you mentioned?

On another tune, do you control the volume from the mobile device? If so, are you referring to the volume controls provided by the device, or the volume slider that's inside of the app? 


Just to clarify, the volume of your device is the one that shows up when you press the volume keys and affects the whole device. The volume slider that's inside the app is the one you can find after tapping on the Connect icon from the now playing view and only affects Spotify. 


We'll be on the lookout for your replies.


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Hello Carlos,


I'm referring to the volume slider inside of the Spotify apps

Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 09.07.04.png


This does control the volume on the device I'm streaming to, which in this case is the "Living Room" — Spotify Connect device a Primare streamer. I can only really use the lower 1/2 inch or so to keep the volume at a reasonable home listening level. So it's always a very.. careful.. adjustment, to turn it up or down slightly. 🙂


thank you,


Hey @jaeysin,


On the desktop app, you should be able to adjust the volume by pressing Ctrl + Up/Down arrow.
You may also open an Idea about this in the Ideas Exchange 🙂
Example ones can be found here and here.

Let us know if any further questions arise.

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