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Volvo Sensus app not downloading


Volvo Sensus app not downloading







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I used to have Spotify on my Volvo, the app requested for an update, after the update the app icon disappeared. I tried to download the app again but once the installation starts it gets interrupted and I receive a pop up that the error has been sent. On the new apps tab page of Sensus, by pressing the arrow below Spotify to show additional information the size of Spotify is shown as 0.0 MB. All the other apps depict a size on the same screen. 

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Exactly same problem here.


Finland.  S90. 


What I would imagine is that spotify updated but Volvo hasn't got around to patching their version of the client yet or they just botched  the patch files or the path to the correct files in the download centre.


Let's hope they don't take 6 months to fix it again



A quick update from Volvo. I wrote to them asking what was wrong and for an ETA for the fix.

They replied after 20 minutes which it great and the are fully aware of the technical problem.

Answer from Volvo support.


Tack för ditt mejl.

Det är en driftstörning på servern som gör att Spotify inte fungerar som den ska för tillfället.

Vi har fått till oss att tekniker jobbar med att åtgärda detta så snart som möjligt.



Thank you for your e-mail.

It is a malfunction on the server that makes Spotify not work as it should at the moment.

We have been told that technicians are working to fix this as soon as possible.

This is much more than the german support is ready to do. I wrote to them and only got a silly mail saying that I should contact the local dealer. This is absolutely intolerable!

I got similar answer ....

Hello BlackJack27,

Thank you for the great news, lets hope that they will solved it soon.

That's good to hear BlackJack27.


Any chance you could share contact info of the representative you contacted with for future reference? Most Volvo customer supporters appear to go with their default answer of "contact your local dealership" for pretty much every problem.

I contacted the swedish customer relations support. 

swedencr at volvocars . com

Yesterday I was able to install the app again and it looks like it's working fine for now. The app was still showing as 0.00mb but the download took some time to finish and the install went through normally. Since I'm in Brazil, I don't know if the server is local or global, but here it seems like the problem was solved!

Same here, installed and working fine again. 

Same here - Austria, XC40.

Have been able to download and install despite showing 0.00MB (just took 30sec) - entering the code using - connected to India (as mentioned in a previous post) - all working fine including my library.

As of July 5th the app now is downloading correctly.

My 2019 V90 now says"Spotify update available" but it isn't. It was working fine until I did the update a couple of days ago. There is nothing in the doenload center to allow me to getS working again.


Any suggestions?

Remove and reinstall the app

That's great I will try to install it ASAP

Thank you all for your input

Drakhorn: There is NO option to uninstall Spotify. The uninstall option is greyed out.

dbambury: You can uninstall it if it's not the active application. Switch to radio or another media app and then you can uninstall Spotify. 

Thanks. That worked (eventually).

However, Spotify is now not showing in the list of apps available to install!

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Just lock the doors, this will turn off the sensus and it will update the app list afterwards. 

Thanks. Yes I have, a few times.

I will leave it 24hrs and see if it changes.

It did the same to me dbambury when the bug first appeared. 


The download center would "install" that 0.0mb spotify and then not show it in new apps anymore.


Turning off the car, opening the door for 5-10 seconds and starting the engine again restarts the computer again and it appeared back to me.

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