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Volvo Sensus app not downloading


Volvo Sensus app not downloading







Volvo XC90

Operating System



My Question or Issue

I used to have Spotify on my Volvo, the app requested for an update, after the update the app icon disappeared. I tried to download the app again but once the installation starts it gets interrupted and I receive a pop up that the error has been sent. On the new apps tab page of Sensus, by pressing the arrow below Spotify to show additional information the size of Spotify is shown as 0.0 MB. All the other apps depict a size on the same screen. 

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After i uninstalled the spotify about 3 days a go, it still haven't popped up on the new apps. It's not installed and I can't find the app to download.. Why!!!???

Drakhorn: not for me though. No sign of Spotify now, in either installed or available lists.

Sounds tricky.


I have noticed that the download center doesn't actually always refresh, especially immediately after starting the engine. 


I've had to spam the download center button in the app list to make it actually check for updates and sometimes forced it to recognise the need to refresh by cutting the internet connection from the car. 


I hope you get it fixed soon and please post how you did it when you get it.

I still have problem with the spotify app as well. Spotify is not installed but in in availible apps either. Anyone that has any ideas what I can try or do? Thanks!

No, I have still the same issue...

Because of this problem I had de-installed the Spotify app. I could not re-install it (new app file showing 0.00MB), until yesterday: problem solved as I have been able to install the app (and use it). Part of the update appears to be an improvement in the login procedure (verify new login on another device you have e.g. smartphone). So for me, case is closed now. Thanks Spotify & Volvo resolving this in reasobale time. 

After I uninstalled it it won't come up for me to download!! 5 days now. When I start the car it says "there is an new update" but nothing to install..

Abosey1: note that the car's announcement of "a new update" might not be for Spotify, actually it won't be, after you would have de-installed it. A new update often refers to map updates - you might want to check that out. In my case (Netherlands, XC90) Spotify duely showed up as a "new app" which I installed normally and works fine now.

I understand, but it's not the map or something else. My spotify is gone from the installed app and in "new apps" spotify doesn't show up. So for 5 days the spotify app is gone and the car says there is an update.

How can I get it to show up in new apps? 

I did not wait long enough I guess.

48 hours later, Spotify has reappeared in my list of Aps I can download. Which I did and installed ok.

There MAY be some conflict if you have a map update going on (not download, the tedious update process that goes on  in the background with low priority) which might prevent Spotify app from being seen.

Same thing crossed my mind when it wouldn't let me install even the bugged
out version of spotify while it was installing new map version

Mine is still not working. I have redownloaded the app twice but get the same problem. 

All I get after logging into Spotify is the loading spinning circle. Very annoying..

Same here (2019 V60)

The update did install but then I only was able to play the current playlist; buttons on the left greyed out and an endless spinner.


Strangely the app did still work correctly on my wife's driver profile.

Deleted and reinstalled the Spotify-app, still the same problem. Deleted my driver profile, still the same. Seems genuinely broken by the last update.

Intresting... I'll try my wifes profile at lunch. 

It's strange but I think the sound quality is so much better using the built in Spotify app than streming via Bluetooth.


EDIT: Wifes profile has the same problem still.

Spotify App still does not show up on "New Apps", XC60 T8, Germany

Im getting mad! Still no sign of spotify in new apps! Almost a week now156266982748088852538874022438.jpg




I've got it installed but stuck on the spinning circle...



You mean when you first log in after update? Happened to me as well,
backing out and relogging worked for me.

For those with the spinning circle:you might want to try parking in a WiFi  hotspot and using that for internet connection, rather than via phone. 

Not saying it will work but something else to try at least...!

How do you back out once your stuck in the spinning circle? I've tried changing to FM and then back to spotify but it seems like Im logged in but it just isnt loading in correctly.

Im using a SIM-card for my car but I could try and find a WIFI zone for the car and try that. Thanks for the tip.

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