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Volvo XC90 app not connecting

Volvo XC90 app not connecting

Since a few days ago I'm not able to use the Spotify app in the new XC90.

It shows "welcome to Spotify" but it is loading forever. Know of several other users having the same issue.
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Try restarting your phone, the problem could be a bad connection betwen your phone and your car

I'm not streaming from the phone, it's the built in app in the Sensus infotainment.

All other online services but Spotify is working.


Tried to reinstall the app, but that did not help either.


Ok, does your car have carplay or androit auto? You could try that as an alternative. I think that could be an bigger issue, that needs further investigation similar to the PS4 app.

Did you find a solution to this? My Volvo XC90 also is not connecting to Spotify from the Volvo app. I can connect via bluetooth but i want to use the in dash app.

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