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WD TV LIve - Playlists incomplete

WD TV LIve - Playlists incomplete

I have read several playlist related messages, but my particular problem hasn't been mentioned (but maybe someone has seen it before)... I *do* have all of my playlists but not all of the songs!  For example I have 3000+ tracks in one playlist in my desktop Spotify, but it the WD TV LIve version only shows the same 130 or so each time I look at it.  Although a lot of those 3000 tracks are local to my desktop, there are many more that are in the Spotify cloud and they do not show up on the WD TV.


There was a similar issue with the Tivo Spotify, where I think to begin with the playlists only showed 300 soings, but later that limit was lifted to 1000.


My WD TV LIve is up to date with the latest firmware.

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