WD TV Live - failed sign in

WD TV Live - failed sign in

Each time I try to log in, I'm told my sign-in has failed because I need to upgrade to Premium. I have upgraded to premium and it shows up on my subscription as such, but I can't get passed this on my WD unit.



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I have the same problem with my WDTV Live Hub.


I have a premium account and have created the appropriate user name and password but each time I try to login, I'm getting an error saying "Couldn't connect to Spotify.  Please try again".


I've checke3d network connections and everything else on WDTV and also used the login to login from my PC.


Anyone have any ideas?

Problem solved after reading a much ealier post.


Go to System menu and reset All online services.


Then login and it's fine.





@ Kahonen:

Same problem here. i'm probably missing it but in my WDTV Live System menu I can't find All online services. It shows (translated from Dutch to English)


- Time and Country

- Media library

-Get description

-Meta source

- Device security


What am I missing?


Kind regards!

Hi from Barcelona,


Not sure if you will have solved your problem but it happened to me and I followed Kahonen Instructions and it worked.


Go to system menu (inside setup). Go down after device security...there are more options that the ones you say, and click into "restablish device or reset, or restore or something like that ( I have it in spanish). Then, the third option (restore all online account services)


The device will go on reset and will reboot. Fill the info of name and password and it should work.


Try it,




Mine still won't work even after resetting it.  I also tried to set a password for the device but it says there is an issue with my password I try to create but won't tell me what the issue is! Any ideas anyone?

No that didn't solve it; WD Live TV keeps saying Spotify Premium is required, which I already have; it was working last week, what has change?  I've updated my password but it won't update to WD Live TV box.

I have the same problem. Can't login to Spotify on WD TV Live Hub. I have the Spotify Premium. On the WD TV Live Hub the error info is "Spotify Premium is required for this device". Anyone any idea how to solve the problem?

Same here.... Even after reset all online services... Anyone any idea how to fix this ? 


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