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WD TV Live with Spotify

WD TV Live with Spotify

I just got the WD TV device and have been using the built-in Spotify app.  Something seemed a little off, and I think I finally figured it out.  For many songs, the bass is overly heavy and bloated.  It sounds like on an old boom box when you'd push the bass boost button. 


I wanted to make sure it wasn't the WD TV device itself, so I streamed a song from my PC with the WD TV, then I played a song in the Spotify app.  There was a marked difference in bass.  It sounds terrible!  The streamed song sounds very close to the CD version I tested in my CD player, but the Spotify version is much too bass heavy.


Anyone else have a problem like this?  I signed up for Spotify Premium just so I could use the app on WD TV, but I might downgrade since the music is not correct. 

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