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[WP 7.0] Stop pretending that you support WP7

[WP 7.0] Stop pretending that you support WP7

Its downright silly that you have a support forum for WP7. That app is close to unusable with a metric **bleep**ton of bugs and random glitches and that's been the case since release. Because you have not delivered a single update, not to mention it took you almost two years to build the app after it was announced.

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I just came up here and good to know it doesn't work for crap I guess.  I was on the fence of signing up but maybe not now

Exactely, when can we expect the RADIO feature, which is franky the only reason i decided to continue my monthly subscription. The WP app looks terrible in comparison to the Android version, and suffers from erractic behaviour and UX delays, when are you going to release a serious update and make a real effort to support this growing user base?

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