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[WP 7.5] Bangarang!!! What a useless app - tired to Windows Phone app...

[WP 7.5] Bangarang!!! What a useless app - tired to Windows Phone app...


Jesus Christus who the heck released this total useless app!!! Bugs, bugs, bugs and now I'm tired. I canceled my Subcription with Spotify and now wait to it's end. My brother uses a free Deezer app on it's Android. What a app!!! Total free Radio without need to subscription and works perfectly!!! And I pay for this crap Spotify app 9,90 € per month... What a joke...


The Spotify's Windows Phone app is total useless now. Check my video at the end of this story. I know, you want to watch it. In video I show how crap the WP app is really. Please say nothing before you watched this video. And Cancel your subscription. I'm canceled already. I do not want to pay for this bug app anymore. I want to spend my time listening music, not to fight with Spotify app.


Thank you Spotify for the fish, but i am really tired, so soon I am a customer with any other service. I think Nokia Lumia Music or Deezer. Time say. Spotify has a great catalogue, but what is point to pay for this app that does not work most of time. As you can see, in Inbox view you can't listen anything - what is a point of Outbox then? And this well-knowed Bluetooth bug and... well, another set of bugs.


Spotify does not have any coders for this. This app is made by advertising agency. And the whole app is by Microsoft! And well, Spotify does not know when Spotify application for Windows Phone gets update. So do not waste a time anymore - just cancel. And subscribe to other service. Spotify does not care... From 2011 November the whole app is without update. It is a long time... Shame Spotify.


SC20120413-183528.png SC20120413-183509.png SC20120413-183453.png


And then I got awesome app with Radio for free... And this app is free when you listen radio. And radio is all what I want, I do not want to update my playlists, I just want to listen random playlists. And yes, in Windows Phone Spofy no radio at all. But Deezer... Very warm welcome to my phone soon. Screenshots from my brothers Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Android smartphone, but in Windows the Deezer app is similar.


The start of songs is fast. No bugs. Bluetooth works good as pleasure. No, no, no... Spotify if you are unable to fix your app, then I cancel and watch to other services. Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Music is really good. Updates at least once in month... And then when Spotify Dekstop appn is full of bugs (see videos first seconds) and full of crap like Apps, unwanted sidebar tinhgs and unfixed artist pages, I'm so happy to say that my subscription is over 07/07/2012.


Spotify, fix bugs or make this app for free... And Deezer thank you... Now I'm really founded a way to listen music in my Mobile without interruption or fighting with app like Spotify. Jesus Christus!!!


Bangarang!!! No bugs!!! For free!!!


Video - If you watch it and just purchased Windows Phone, you do not subscribe to Spotify at all - So at your own risk and keep in mind words like Deezer or Nokia Music...





Jesus Christus WTF? Really... for 9,90 this quality??? No way!

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BTW anyone from big TV canal? This video should be showed in Prime Time on BBC for example.

Didn't you say in another thread that you have deactivated your Facebook and don't need it anymore?


And now you're using Deezer, which requires a Facebook account.

Yes, I deleted my FB account. But I always can create Fake Facebook like Docent Message and use Deezer with it.


But maybe I use Lumia's Nokia Music. Nokia Lumia is just Radio app, no more.

Very good hpguru! And this is just SOME of all bugs.. We must not fortet what happens if we get an incomming Call during musiclistening via bluetooth:(

Totally agree!!!


Yesterday someone calls to me and when I'm in bus with Spotify and Bluetooth headphones... The call was good, but then... Spotify does not understand to play music after call. And to be honest: no music after I rebooted my phone!!! Totally useless app, just fighting... and power drains when I do fighting with Spotify...


So really uncool feel with this app.

Better for minute to minute... Deezer scrobbles to from Mobile app!!!

One word about Deezer: only one bad thing after music quality vs. Spotify Mobile is that I can not listen music in background with Deezer. So now I deleted Deezer because of this thing and Spotify too, because of this big set of bugs...


Spotify hurry up... But yes, I'm canceled my Subscription and I can not wait anymore for updates... Time to use Nokia Lumia 800 with Nokia Music. What I do with Spotify? Maybe I subscribe with Unlimited... but I do not think so.


Maybe Free version is enough for me. I do not wwant to pay anymore for things that does not work.

I haven't seen sort of general "Update the Windows Phone App" idea yet.  Only the following which are a bit more specific:


Would someone mind creating one so we can collect Kudos there?  

Finland peoples!!!


What music service you use with Windows Phone? Nokia Music is very poor in music quality with my HQ headphones. Spotify is much better in sound. I'm still using Spotify for now. I create topic about it in Idea forums...

You have the same bluetooth headset then me 😄


And you're right. Yesterday my spotify trial ends and i will not pay until the bugs of the wp app are fixed

Hey, thank you!


Those have really good sound quality. 🙂




Do you need firstly many ideas before you can update your app? I think you should update this non-working app without asking users to create a idea...


Huh. Jesus Christus help me...

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