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[WP 7.5] Force Offline

[WP 7.5] Force Offline

I have a Windows 7 phone "HTC Radar".  How do I force it to the offline mode when traveling in my car?  It says it is offline but is still using the cellular towers to play the music as I am adding extra data charges day by day.  I have already logged 1.09 GB this month and only have 2GB per month allowed on my data plan.  I need to know how to force offline so I will not incurr extra data charges whil traveling in my car.  We paid for Premium so we could do this.  If we go over our data max this month we will cancel the service.

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Need to test this. 🙂

Playlist with 12 songs downloaded to Offline mode, Spotifty to Offline mode. Data counter in Lumia 4986,8 GB since first day of this month (yes, I'm on Unlimited data plan).


After playing playlist data counter was 4986,8 GB.


So I can't confirm this problem. Remember, you need firstly download tracks to Offline mode via 3G or Wifi network. Then go to Settings and enable Offline mode. Remember to disable "sync via 3G" option if your 3G is limited. Sounds like you enabled Offline mode, but not used a Spotify to download content to Offline, so Spotify tries to download it via 3G in background.

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