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[WP 7.5] Mobile Free Radio

[WP 7.5] Mobile Free Radio

The name says it all "Mobile Free Radio". So I have a LG mango windows phone. I heard an add on my spotify on my computer saying "listen to spotify on your phone for free unlimited". I am thinking to myself awesome download the app runs fine for 1 day. The next day it puts me in offline mode and can not listen to anything think it is glitched so reinstall it. Try to sign on and it says I need premium.

So what happened to it being free?


I have read a lot of the rating and comments on my phone and a lot of people are having an issue.

3 Replies

Hey there!


Radio is not available in WP.

Radio not avaliable? I was using it for 2 days till it said I had to switch to premium.

Spotify is free for 2 days, then you need to pay for it.


Radio is not available as feature in Windows Phone Spotify.

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