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[WP 7.5] No Spotify for Windows Phones in Australia

[WP 7.5] No Spotify for Windows Phones in Australia

I use Spotify on my computer here in Australia, but still not available for the Windows phone. Requests to customer service just ignored. I mean how difficult is it? Available in other markets and Spotify has been up and running for over six months in Australia and New Zealand. Really poor customer service Spotify. 

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I will see if I can get a staff member to look into this.



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Hello there,


First at all, very sorry to hear that you have not received any answer from Spotify staff...


I saw in our system you are a free user,you would need to upgrade to Premium in order to enjoy the full mobile experience, check out our different products here, 😉


However, you should be able to download the App to your phone anyway. Have you downloaded it or you can´t even do this?


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