[WP 7.5] Spotify always offline. HTC Titan Windows Phone 7.5

[WP 7.5] Spotify always offline. HTC Titan Windows Phone 7.5


Has anyone got a way to fix it? I want to listen to music 😞

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Odd - Have you tried a clean installation of Spotify on your Titan? I've popped some instructions on our recommended way to do this below -

1. On Start, flick left to the App list.
2. Tap and hold the Spotify App, select Uninstall.
3. When asked for confirmation, tap Yes
4. On Start, tap Marketplace
5. Search for Spotify and tap Install
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EDIT: I have the same problem on my HTC Titan, there is no way of connection to Spotify on a fully working 3G connection.


David, is this you full answer?! Cause this seems be the only way you can respond without giving a **bleep**. It has been six months since the release of this app, and there has still not been shown a sign of progress on an update. How can this be possible?

I know, you want to wait for Microsoft to release WP8, but why wait half a year on something that should have been taken care of within the first weeks after release?


I see no sign of help from you guys here, and please correct me if I have overlooked something here, but do you guys want us to change over to wimp ? Cause I am Norwegian, and WImp got all the same music, even more of the small Norwegian artists, but I prefer Spotify on my PC, and I would like to only use 99kr a month to have ONE app for music, on my PC and my Phone.

At this point this seems to be impossible, and if there is no sign of an update before 21. june there is no hope for WP users to have Spotify.


The summer is the most important time to have your music wherever you go, and if this isn't possible on WP you will lose a lot of customers. So please, stop working on an already fixed project on Android, and start working on WP version, please!


Duplicae post but  as I've said in another forum I occasionally have the same problem on my  Titan but only usally in a low to medium signal area. Anyway I just fully exit the app using the back button, switch data off then back on and everything seems to work, stupid as it seems ,it works. Although one time I've been forced to uninstall then reinstall but once again it worked after that.

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