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[WP 7.5] Spotify app region problem - Please make available in Portugal

[WP 7.5] Spotify app region problem - Please make available in Portugal


My problem is that I used to be an iPhone user with a spotify premium to be able to use spotify on the iPhone, but i recently  changed to windows phone.


The problem is that I used to live in Portugal, but not anymore and I created my Live ID account years ago (which one must have to buy apps on the Windows Phone). Problem is that although i don't live in Portugal anymore I'm forced to use the PT marketplace, where Spotify is NOT AVAILABLE! so I cannot use spotify anymore on my phone! The other alternative would be to create a new Live ID with dutch credit card but lose all my previous xbox and windows phone purchases and contacts and achievements. This is NOT Spotify problem of course, but Microsoft's.


Anyway, but this problem would be solved if you could possibly have the app available in the Portuguese marketplace!! I'd would be SOOOOO happy! Now that I changed to windows phone I could still use Spotify. Otherwise I would have to cancel my spotify premium and find an alternative service.

Thank you so much for considering my request!

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Welcome to the community 🙂


I'm not a Windows phone user, so I'll see if I can get some more input on this from someone who is 😉


My only suggestion would be to try and visit in your mobile browser and see if you can manually download the application from Spotify! 



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Thank you for the tip, just tried it. It tells me that my "device is supported, please download the app from the Windows Marketplace!" 😞 so, no solution. Thank you though!

Sadly there is no way to download apps manually.


But try this link and visite to it using your phone:

Thank you for your help!Clicking on the link i do see the app, but i don't get the option to install, only option i get is "check my marketplace" and when i click it takes me to the portuguese store, where the app is not available! 😞

darn, stuck in a dead loop? 

Yes. 😞


The main problem is in Microsoft as you said. However if you need those apps you already paid, you should search alternnative.


Spotify apps are available for download only from some marketplaces.

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