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[WP 7.5] WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound

[WP 7.5] WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound

After reading several posts here on the forum i dont know if i should cry or laught.


Just to sign up on the user-bug-irritatedcustomer-list, here is what i´m struggling with:


Btw: Premium user... Nokia Lumia 800


• It takes long time to start the app


• When i am on 3G and streaming, it often goes ofline by itself and takes forever to log on again. It is faster to reboot the phone.


• 6 of 10 times it just wont play anything, if i click on a song in my playlist, the rest of the songs gets "grayed" and the dots are loading at the top of the app, but NOTHING happens. Wifi or 3G, same result. Again -REBOOT phone and it works a couple of times again.


• The app wont turn off??? It lays in the background and drains the battery. There is no way to stop music (only pause) and when you hit the "back button" to homescreen, spoti is still "on". You can see this when you go to lockscreen, -the song shows up in the upper corner as paused. And the batterydrainage shown in diagnostics shows a higher discharge several hours after you have "closed" spotify compared to when you havnt started spotify at all.


• HORRIBLE BLUETOOTH function. Not able to switch song on headset or carstereo, In case of incoming calls, the spotiapp hangs and wont play again. If car is switched off -> on the spotiapp wont play. NO METADATA TO CAR-DISPLAY. (AVRCP) Newer Iphone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry supports it, But nooot a new WP with spotify 2012...??? 😞


• No function to FF/FW. (heeellooo.. is this a music app??)


• No function to download offline playlist (it does not work)


• It often hangs and crashes, i get thrown out to homescreen.


• Often wont switch song when i click "next" on lockscreen OR in the "now plaing" section, the sound disapears and the app "hangs" for a couple of minutes.


I work with customercare in an other business and i get so angry and frustaded when there is no response what-so-ever from a big company like spotify.. YOU (like me) LIVE ON PAYING CUSTOMERS! Wake up and give some input on all of these bugs and problems with your product! Is there anything going on?

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Hey, add your kudos to this All Windows Phone bugs in one thread thread, if you want that Spotify fix those problems.


Let's hope that my thread will sit at home page on the community forever. Maybe then Spotify notice those problems.

I am so bummed!  I just hooked up my new wireless speakers, turned on spotify, heard one song, and my phone rang, turning off the music.  Spotify will not play music again.  Very disappointed.

I have the exact same issues and it is really bugging me. Have a nokia Lumia 800


- Bluetooth connected to a sounddock, if it rings - music wont go back on and load forever and ever.


- In car connected via 3,5mm, streaming over 3g same thing. After call/or randomly music stops and sometimes go back on, other times just hangs and need to restart the phone (bit dangerous while driving...) App says it is offline sometimes, other times i can search but not start playing.


- Wifi/3g switching, very dodgy. Often just hangs and the "loading dots" appear once again.


Please fix these issues in the next update (hopefully very soon!). Also, not being able to skip in the song, seriously?


Otherwise, thanks for a great app and service and not the least great looking!



I have had my WP or more than a year. I think Spotify is the only app that hasn't  been update in the time I've had the phone. 


WAKE UP SPOTIFY!!!!! YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR WP CUSTOMERS if you dont put out an update - and soon. 


Hey there.

Spotify said that WP 7 and 7.8 devices unsuported now so no updates coming 😞

I suggest to protest this, they even now released WP 8 Spotify app and not provided any updates in months so same boat as WP 7.


All WP 7 Spotify bugs are here in WP 8 Spotify new app... It's funny, is it?


Let me know if you need help, but sadly in WP world there is nothing to do: they need to push update to fix most of problems. But coders are lazy if there is any. And customer service is muted in Windows Phone section. 😎


I'm not customerservice.

How do you suggest protesting? I'm all for it - I think it is pathetic service for paying customers, what we are getting.

Change to competitor or use Spotify Unlimited.

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