[WP 7.5] Why are WP7 premium users ignored when reporting issues

[WP 7.5] Why are WP7 premium users ignored when reporting issues


I am an IT pro if our Compagny was to deliver poor customer support like spotify law suits would end on our doorstep.

The way spotify is handling paying customers is just repulsive.

If you look at the number of threads on Not working features in the WP7 application Spotify should ring the internal alarm bell,

but as long as we pay they don't seem to mind about the issues.


If you charge money you should deliver a stable service, on all platforms and not just the 2  main platforms.

I wonder why there is no official support center and no complaint center.

It has almost been 9 months without a single update on the WP7 app there are some serious issues that need to be fixed.
Offline support.

Restart of the app after phone call's

needed to reboot wp7 device before online status can be entered after a received call.

Mysterious disappearing of offline synced tracks.


look at HPGURU  threads and how many people have the same issues as he and I describe.
Hopefully a positive response from a moderator will bring our issues to attention at the technical responsible persons.




An angry unheared customer.


Who will cancel his subscription after being ripped off for 6 months 



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these are problems i had on my iphone (had it about 1,5 years ago) and my android (from 1,5yearsago to now) and now on my lumia...... im thinking i might just go over to wimp. tired of beeing ignored and im thinking since wimp is the underdog they might just be better at customer satisifaction like this. cause spotify has a brilliant pc/mac app, but the mobile side sucks a**

There is no response from moderator, they does not care... to response.


I think this is wrong business way.

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