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[WP 7.5] Windows phone (HTC) ERROR on 3G

[WP 7.5] Windows phone (HTC) ERROR on 3G

Hi. I just switched from android to windows phone. I get an error 126, I used it on wifi and it worked fine but now I can't use 3G or mobile network on spotify. Anyone have a fix for this?


Very annoying since spotify was my nr. 1 application on android.

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Hey there!


You might want to read more about bugs in Spotify for Windows Phone. Please come this way.


According to my thread, your problem might be related to your teleoperator dataroaming.

Is there a fix in your thread?

Yes, Android. 🙂


Windows Phone Spotify app is first (and maybe last) version released 2011 November. It's like beta version, but released as stable... And since this date no update to bugs... So do not wait for update that not coming anytime soon.


So as I say, there no fix for bugs in Windows Phone Spotify, even no update.

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