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[WP 7.8] Lock Screen Controls

[WP 7.8] Lock Screen Controls

Hi all, my HTC Titan upgraded from WP 7.5 to 7.8 yesterday but now when I lock the phone the Spotify controls are missing from the screen; used to be that I could take my phone out of my pocket, press the lock button and it'd show the wallpaper, time and Play/Pause, Skip back/forward buttons for Spotify if that was running.


Now when I do that, it brings down the black notification panel with the controls on it which is kind of ok but it vanishes quickly after you skip a track so you have to keep pressing lock to bring it back!


Is there any support planned to bring the Spotify app up to speed with 7.8? I noticed a few posts about lack of an update for 8 so Im not entirely hopeful but if theres nothing on the horizon I'll probably switch back to Xbox Music (which is dreadful but works as it should at least!).

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Gah, scratch that, seems to be the case for its own music player and Rdio too.


When using the built in player though the notification screen stays open while you skip though.

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