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[WP 7.8] Stops streaming after two songs

[WP 7.8] Stops streaming after two songs

Hey Spotify,


I love your service but recently your Windows Phone app has been doing this to me as I have been working out. I will start listening to a playlist, then after two tracks it stops playing the second track after about three minutes and will not load any other songs. It is getting frustrating, because for the last 11 months, the app has been working flawlessly. I reset my device thinking that could be the cause, but that definately isn't solving for X.


Any ideas as to could be causing this issue?

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Spotify doesn't support the WP7 app anymore. A competitor called Deezer has a much more up to date WP7 app that works much better for the same price. I myself switched a week ago 😄 Feels stupid paying for something that wont work.

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