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[WP 8.0] Offline Playlist Data on SD Card

[WP 8.0] Offline Playlist Data on SD Card

Don't really classify this as a bug, but more of a needed feature. 


Is it possible to change the default storage location for offline playlists to the SD card? My Lumia 810 only has about 2gigs of space on the phone itself, but I have a 16gig SD card ready to load up.


If this is not going to be possible, then my $10 for premium is going back to Xbox Music (even though it really sucks right now). 

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Maybe the solution is to sync our lumias (or other phones with WP8) via cable connection.

If i can compose playlists only in spotify for PC, it makes me no difference if i transfer music via calbe or wifi. Of course it's kind of inconvenience but gives us possibility to store much more music on sd card than now in the internal memory.

anyways, spotify finally should do something...

it seems an interesting approach. Does it work for you ? How do you do that ? Thank you 😛

it's just my idea, i mean, that's a theoretical bypass the write-protection to the memory card from WP8.
as I wrote, 'spotify should finally do something'

Indeed, spotify has work to do. Try this link to free memory space. Download your offline here cards to sd card. So you create some extra space.

Missing this feature is a lack of usability. Should be implemented in first place. Thank you, Spotify!

quite funny, a 10€/month app that doesn't allow to use sd card for offline data... maybe a reason to stop the premium account until this issue will be solved...

htc/W8 4Gb memory (...) running out

I'm using an HTC 8s and I've started to use premium. I've read all that this sections has to offer me and I've noticed that this was a problem since February. As premium customers of Spotify on windows phone devices, we should be able to save our playlists on our SD cards as our phones all have low internal memory space. Its July now and this problem should have been attended to already. Please come up with a new versions soon which allows us to save playlists on our SD cards.

The issue is the way the WP8 system is designed the Spotify application can't write to SD card storage on the mobile device due to WP8 restrictions. On the other hand, Spotify can't write data to the SD card via a cable to your phone since each Spotify app/client uniquely encrypts its offline content to stop piracy and moving of files between devices. With that in mind, I can't see a way of that idea working either. 



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Je suis très mécontent de la version Spotify sur Windows Phone. 

Beaucoup de bugs (la lecture s'arrête régulièrement à la fin du morceau... et le logiciel redémarre....), et le comble, l'impossibilité de synchroniser les titres sur carte SD, donc inutilité de la synchro. Donc où passent nos 9,99€ dans ce cas ???


Je pense pour ma part que Windows Phone fait exprès de limiter le logiciel Spotify, afin de promouvoir SON logiciel de musique XBox.

Néanmoins, Spotify, vous avez le droit, et le devoir, de développer une nouvelle version qui nous permette de profiter de vos services !!! Pour ma part sinon, je ne vois pas l'utilité de rester Premium.







I'm very disappointed of Spotify version on Windows Phone.

So much bugs (the music often stops when a track is ending.... and the software restarts.........), and the worst, we can't synchronize our tracks on sd card. So synchronization is useless. So, why do we pay 9,99€ each month ??????


To my mind, I think Windows Phone DO want to limitate Spotify, in order to promote its music software Xbox.


However, YOU, Spotify, MUST develop a new version to let us enjoying your services !!!!!!! If not, I think I will not be Premium User anymore.



this is a windows phone 8 issue! Applications are not allowed to write to SD... Nokia managed to get a hack for their maps application through nokia lumia storage checker (you can set there to save the maps on sd cards), but I guess this is dur to their privileged relationship with microsoft.


So, stop complaining to Spotify... but change to Unlimited subcription since atm you cannot do anything else, and they cannot do either.


I have had this same problem, but having done some research i found a solution that works for me and should do for you too.


Windows 8 does not let you download onto your SD card


Windows 8.1 DOES


Although not officially released, it can still be downloaded legitemately from microsoft by pretending to be a developer (there is nothing illegal about this, microsoft WANT you to download their new software!)


Follow this link, then the steps in the link below


Once you have Windows 8.1, change your SD card settings so that apps download onto there


Then your playlists, songs etc. will download onto that SD card


Good luck everyone!



There are a lot of reports on the community of people having issues with Spotify on Windows Phone 8.1 with SD card storage, so the app may not support it.

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So in Windows Phone 8.1 I have installed Spotify on my SD card. Offline playlists works well, however I keep trying to change download quality setting from normal to High or Extreme but everytime I restart spotify it defaults back to Normal. Is this normal?

I know Windows Phone 8.1 is not officially supported by Spotify yet but come on, 8.1 is now officially coming with Lumia 635 which means it's out officially. So to my knowledge 8.1 should be supported now.

I heard someone installed Spotify back to the Phone again and the quality setting works fine, but I haven't got much room in my Phones memory.

Appretiate all the help

I have WP 8.1 so I can download the program and playlist to SD Card! But it's totoally suck because the offline mode don't working! If I turn the program the online mode bigger suck because every time when I start the program syncing every one track again and again and again. If I start the program 500x one day the program download every track on my playlist 500x!!! What a **bleep** is this?

I had move the program to internal memory, the offline mode is working! Why only Internal memory? Why missing the "Your Music" section from WP client? When will working the offline mode from SD Card? When will growe up the program to the premium price? Really I need delete my registration and I must have to use other online music application in 2014 if I want to use my phone to music listening anywhere else out of my house out the WiFi? It's undignified!!! 



I am using Windows Phone and I have a premium account.


Could anyone tell me how download offline playlists on the SD card ?!


Thank you very much !

I also have upgraded to Windows 8.1 on my Nokia 820. It is great in that it is possible to redirect most apps and app data to the SD card.


However, Spotify Premium does not work correctly with the data on the SD card. As others have noted, each time you start Spotify, playlists appear to be reindexed which takes some time, and requires data so is pointless if you are not on wifi.


Running Spotify on the main memory card had been problematic - running out of memory space, so decided to cancel Premium account until 8.1 is officially out and hopefully Spotify supports storage on SD cards.


The latest update seems to have fixed the storage issues on the SD card for wp8.1, so hopefully when 8.1 is officially out then people won't have issues saving the app and having playlists offline on the SD.

Thank goodness! I have just moved back to Spotify from XBox Music, which is terribly clunky.  I'm currently enjoying a 30-day free trial of Premium so, with a bit of luck, my phone will have updated to WP 8.1 by the time I have to start paying...

@jamielarge wrote:
The latest update seems to have fixed the storage issues on the SD card for wp8.1, so hopefully when 8.1 is officially out then people won't have issues saving the app and having playlists offline on the SD.


So, the offline playlist issue has been fixed? Good. Now can anyone tell me/ has anyone tried removing playlists from the ones in your phone? There's a bug that does not delete the files even after you remove them from your phone, you will need to uninstall Spotify and reinstall it and again sync one by one. Ugh.


Once that is fixed, I will consider paying for premium again

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