[WP 8.0] Offline Playlist Data on SD Card

[WP 8.0] Offline Playlist Data on SD Card


Don't really classify this as a bug, but more of a needed feature. 


Is it possible to change the default storage location for offline playlists to the SD card? My Lumia 810 only has about 2gigs of space on the phone itself, but I have a 16gig SD card ready to load up.


If this is not going to be possible, then my $10 for premium is going back to Xbox Music (even though it really sucks right now). 

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Yes, with official WP 8.1 update Spotify Premium is working in offline mode and you can add albums/tracks to SD card, i don`t know how it`s working when you install the whole app to internal memory but mine is working quite well from sd card. But which is strange that it will storage offline tracks to Spotify`s ap, not to music section like example the Xbox music tracks are when you download them to sd card.


SF app is quite okay now ( but sitll we are missing "free play" without premium and "your music" section. 


Lumia 1320w/ 16 gt sd card. 


In WP 8.1 just go to 'storage sense' insettiings and change new music, videos and new apps etc to SD card and then offline playlsits won't eat up your internal/ system storage 🙂


Here is what happened to me:

* Somehow my main offline playlist with about 3,000 tracks got taken off Offline mode.  I don't recall ever having even accidentally hit the little green switch, so maybe I did but certainly not deliberately.  And this has happened like three times in the past two months.


* So, with a heavy sigh, I tweaked the switch back and let it start to re-load my tracks overnight.


* But, even though I had, the last time this occurred, specifically set the STORAGE to my SD card which has 64 GB of storage, these new tracks went onto my internal card, which has only 12.5 GB, with only about 8GB free, and re-downloading therefore STALLED during the night due to lack of space.

* So, the next day, I had to go into STORAGE and specifically select the SD card AGAIN.  And that means hours and hours of downloading.

So I lose, Spotify loses (large bandwidth/server costs), and all because:

--There is no confirmation prompt for taking a large playlist offline


-- The default storage location is not the space with the largest amount of storage available
-- Even when the default storage location is specifically CHANGED, it gets forgotten somehow.

So, it would seem to be in Spotify's interest for fix this, especially as the fix is exceedingly SIMPLE to DO.

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