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[WP 8.1] distorted audio via Bluetooth in Mazda3 BM MZC

[WP 8.1] distorted audio via Bluetooth in Mazda3 BM MZC

Hi there,


I own a Lumia 735 with 8.1 Denim and Mazda 3 BM with MZD Connect ver 31.

I have a problem connecting the phone with MZD Mazda Connect in my car:


1) connection via bluetooth is quite often broken, often torn and distorted while streamed from Spotify app.

2) connection via USB cable doesn't allow to stream the music at all (MZD sees only music files outside the Spotify app).


3) I used to play with Apple iPhone 5 and there were no problems descrbied above 

2 Replies

I did one more test. I used another app to stream music, and... the problem doesn't exists. Which means that this is a Spotify issue on WP.

I'm having a similar issue in my Chevy Equinox and Buick Verano. When I play the app through the Bluetooth, a song will play fine for 10 seconds or so, buy then the audio starts getting choppy (sounds almost like a CD skipping). This only happens in my cars. When I'm using the app with my Bluetooth headphones or the Bluetooth speaker in my office, there are no issues. I love listening to music in my car, so this is getting to be extremely frustrating.

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