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[WP 8] App crashes everytime after +/- 1 minute after startup

[WP 8] App crashes everytime after +/- 1 minute after startup



Since the new version of the windows phone app, so from when it was redesigned, the app hasn't been functioning properly. Since the latest 2 updates it even crashes after +/- 1 minute after startup. When I open the app on the ' Home'  page I get the ' Loading..... ' message for 5 sec. and it's trying to refresh 'recently played'  list, the ' Loading......'  message. This repeats itsel 4-5 times and then the app crashes. 

I can try to do other things with the app but it will crash whatever I do. I have re"installed the app numerous times but that doesn't help.

I suspect that it could maybe be due to large playlists but I'm not sure.


I'm using a Nokia Lumia 930.
Sorry I can't be anymore specific at the moment but if more information is needed please let me know.


Kind regards


Bas Dekker

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