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[WP 8] How does Spotify on Windows Phone compare to Zune?

[WP 8] How does Spotify on Windows Phone compare to Zune?

Does the Windows Phone (WP) music player (is it still Zune?) compare favorably to WP Spotify?

More to the point, if I get a WP 8 smartphone, will I need Spotify¡

I'm learning on these forums that all of Spotify's mobile apps are buggy and under performing.

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Only Windows Phone app called Spotify is buggy as ****. So if Zune available, you should use it...


However Microsoft know all about those bugs and it's about time when all fixed.

@hpguru Have you tried both? I'd guess Zune blows away Spotify, but would like to hear from anyone who's used them.

My Lumia came with 6 months free Zune pass.  I gave this away to a friend after I tried it.  It comes down to how you use your music player.  I tend to play third party playlists and have them constantly update (for example Billboard charts).  I never found a way to do this on Zune - at least nowhere near as slick as on Spotify.  


If you intend just downloading album after album you might be better with Zunepass which has better WP7 integration (god knows the Spotify client for WP7 is pretty dire).  I dare say the selection on Zunepass is better too - and you get the benefit of XBox support if you have one.


I've stuck to Spotify over Zune despite the poor app for WP7 because I love Spotify, not because of individual apps.

Thanks Clever.



Only Spotify. Zune not available in Finland. But I think that Zune is much more stable than this Spotify on Windows Phone.

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