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WP 8 memory usage increases

WP 8 memory usage increases



I have a Lumia 920 and after using spotify on the phone I can see in "storage check" in the phone menu that the memory usage for spotify increases.

By reinstalling spotify the usage drops to zero but increases slowly again. After two weeks spotify uses 375 MB.

I don't use the offline mode.


Has anyone see this?



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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


You will find behaviour like this across all of the Spotify applications. 


The small amount of data you are seeing is the temporary data cache of Spotify. Basically, when you stream anything through the application, it saves it temporarily on your device in a cache, so if you want to listen to it again in the near future it doesn't need to be redownloaded. Its actually a clever system designed to save bandwidth, especially on mobile devices where it can sometimes be limited.


However, since it is only temporary, any data in it will eventually be overwritten if you haven't listened to that track in a while.



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Thank you for the response. It has been growing in size to about 1Gb by now. I will try to see how large it will get. I hope it will stop to grow at some point.

How about a [empty cache] option in the settings in a future release? I don't have a limit on how much I can download but the phone has a memory limit and Spotify is now using more than any other app.

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