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[WP8.1] Cache there a limit or will it fill my phone.?

[WP8.1] Cache there a limit or will it fill my phone.?

I really want to know how much data is the app going to use up on my phone, a lumia 520. Is there a limit set to the space it can use for caching, or it will fill up all the available space, which is currently like 4gb. The faq only says it will release the space if needed on ios. What about wp? I can't get a straight answer anywhere. Just a shot in the dark: how about making the cached content available for strictly shuffled offline play? Just to be fair. Seems pointless to go online and listen to cached stuff.Thanks in advance for any useful input on this.Peter
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Hey there.


Thanks for question.


The cache size depends on ways how yoy use apps. Offline mode will take more space, as this will download all stuff you mark as Offline in selected music quality.


If you stream, the app will use most likely 1-3 GB of data.


If you anytime will be in a battlefield with a space problem on your phone, just remove Spotify and it should delete cache. Then go for new install of app.


Hope this helps!

Thanks for the quick answer. I don't think I want to use up this much space for data which is useless while offline. Wouldn't it be easier to be able to set a limit, and auto purge the least listened content. I mean a 10-20% of the free space would sound reasonable.

What normally happens is Spotify will continually grow in cache space, however that space is released when another app needs it automatically. The only way to forcibly free the space is to reinstall the app like on iOS.

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