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[WP8.1] No way to clear or edit the play queue.

[WP8.1] No way to clear or edit the play queue.

One of the main frustrations I have with the latest version of Spotify for Windows Phone 8.1 is the management of the play queue.  I've accidentally added an album to the play queue (sometimes more than once).  When I do, there is no way to clear or edit the play queue unless I navigate through each track and stop at exactly the last track.  If I navigate too far, it goes back to the top of the queue.  Also, if I pause the music and go back to the app, the play has stopped and there is no way to restart the queue until I play a song.  At that point in time, it plays the first song, then plays where I'd left off in the queue before.  The queue functionality seems to be very poorly thought through or tested on this device.  If it's going to be this bad, I'd rather just turn it off altogether.

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Does look like another missing feature on WP. #annoying

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What it looks like is I purchased this crappy software too early.

What kind of response is this from a Spotify crew member. Total apathy, like someone that has just given up on it all. I don't know what kind of ship Spotify is running, but it's not a place where I wan't to be. I would reply with something like. "Yes, we know this is totally anoying for you guys on windows phone, but the next upgrade in a couple of weeks will totally fix this. Stay tuned, be brave - we are looking into it!"

Ohh here is a workaround. Remove the spotify app from your phone and then reinstall it. It's the only way to clear the freaking play queue. Spotify - are you guys for real. This app is really bad, and I'm paying for this sh*t.

Aah, this is my problem too.
Dumb: that's the word for it!

Plz fix!!

@MrPNW wrote:
Aah, this is my problem too.
Dumb: that's the word for it!


This is major bug. There is also no way how to continue listening after interrupted by phone call (phone call - what a surprise on a mobile phone!) since there is no way how to open play queue. Only way is to search artist - album again then ad it to queue. Then it starts playing from begining and you have some time to delete duplicate songs  (unability to enter queue does not mean it was empty) one by one. Making listening to music on Spotify the worst possible way how to listen to the music at all.


How long will it take to fix this? It's taking ages already! This is paid service OMG! 

There is a very easy trick to clear the Queue. You Only have to play the last track in your queue.

After you've selected the Last track you only have this last Track in the queue. When it is over your queue is empty.

Well, this actually is a very helpful tip and thank you for that. But still - how can I play last song from my queue, while there is now way how to enter play queue when is no any music playing (interrupted by phone call etc)?


Why do you need to clear your song queue while you are talking on your device? Do you mean you're on  a call on speaker and you want to talk on the phone while clearing the queue?

I'm not understanding sorry.

Ok, lets make it clear:


1) I have Spotify running and playing music

2) Someone calls

3) I pick up that call

4) I am talking with someone

5) I hang up

6) Nothing is happening, playing does not resume

7) I open Spotify again

😎 While it stopped playing completely, there is nothing like "Play", "Resume", "Open queue" or whatever

9) I search for my music again

10) I select album, and press add to queue button below

11) This album is ADDED to existing queue that I was playing before phone call happened.


with your tip, it would continue like this (Without that tip, I am usually smashing my phone aganist something very soft. Just to have that throwing feeling):


12) I play last song in my queue to clear it

13) I search for my music again

14) I select album, and press ad to queue


Is that clear? I have no idea how my (kind of)english looks like but I am trying, trust me!

That's perfect! I got it now and wow I just searched everywhere!

Mine works but I can't believe someone else out there hasn't had a problem with this, as soon as the call hangs up on my phone it immediately resumes playback.

I'm still looking around.

Hm, when I am trying it now, it also resumes. Evidently not 100% reliable though.

So sad story, terribly designed... Going to unsubscribe


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