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[WP8.1] Not Work

[WP8.1] Not Work

Hi, I´ve a Premium subscription. In my Telephone with Windows Phone, Spotify not work. Every song stops few seconds after that it start.

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Hey there!


Have you already tried restarting your device?


Reinstalling the app's worth a shot as well.


Let us know if this helps 🙂

How about finally updating it? It's been over a year. That just shows disrespect towards WP users.

Hi, I have already reinstall Spotify, but the same problem persists. With Wi fi or 3G, when I try to listen a song that I´ve already listened before, the music stops. This happens too with the music that I have as "available without connection".

Hi, thanks! but I didn´t find a update for my WP.... My phone show me a message saying that is already updated.

In this case, we'd recommend deleting your offline devices by heading here.


Then, uninstall and reinstall the app following these steps.


Let us know if you keep having the same issue.



Hi, I did that you said, but the problmem persist.

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