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[WP8] Forward button plays songs not in my playlist

[WP8] Forward button plays songs not in my playlist

Hello folks


I have a Windows Phone 8, Nokia LUmia 925.


Barbra Streisand is driving me nuts. Last week I saved her last album as a playlist. Two days ago i deleted it, however now whatever song i select from any of my playlists, if I press the forward button to skip to the next song, or even just let the song finish and move to the next, I get Barbra Streisand playing! Anyone know how to rectify this?




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I'm having the same problem, except it is Sade. 

I found that it was jumping to the Queued music list.  I tried clearing that out, and now it just doesn't advance to the next song.

Hello torywho,

I tweeted SpotifyCare and they reset my account. I suggest you try that if all else fails.

Hope it gets resolved soon!

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