[WP8] No Radio - Canceling Premium Subscription

[WP8] No Radio - Canceling Premium Subscription

Just for the feedback, I'm now canceling my premium subscription of spotify because the WP8-App still doesn't support radio-playback. that was my most used function of spotify while i'm not at home, without it, spotify is useless for me. i'm very happy with my new wp and won't change back to a less comfortable/powerful platform just for spotify.


sorry for that.

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Hey there - thanks for your message.


I'm sorry that you choosed to leave Spotify.


Hopefully Spotify can provide radio also in WP in future.


You're welcome back at any time.


I have done the same thing and switched to xbox music due to the lack of radio and local file support on wp8 app.


I cancled my subscription also because there's no radio on WP8.


It's incredibly disappointing that Spotify for Windows Phone 8 is lacking two of the must appealing features. Without radio or local file support the app is pretty much useless to me. I have also stopped paying for a subscription, for a lesser quality service. 

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