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[WP8] Reporting 'Spotify for Windows Phone 8' bugs

[WP8] Reporting 'Spotify for Windows Phone 8' bugs

Hi there.


We recently announced the Windows Phone 8 Spotify app.


I have a great idea for this app!

If you have an idea or want to request a feature to improve the app, please let us know in the Idea Exchange


Something's wrong ?!

If you think you've found a potential bug and want to report it and/or get help, this is the place to find out how to do so; please keep reading. 




When reporting a bug it is very important to:

  1. Check that someone else hasn't already reported it. Use Search (top right) to find similar topics.
    If someone already posted about your issue, add your information to theirs. There's almost nothing we like better than to be able to easily identify how many people are affected by a certain issue.

    You can easily identify Windows Phone 8 bugs because they have this tag in their title: [WP8]

  2. If your bug hasn't already been reported use these guidelines to get started:


Start a new topic. In the subject line put a [WP8] tag followed by a short description of your problem.


In the body of your message you should include as much information as possible. (You'll find some good examples in the bugs section).


Information that could be useful:

- Your country (optional, for privacy reasons)

- Your specific phone model

- Your phone's Operating System and version

- Are you using 3G, WiFi?

- The error message(s) you get

- screenshot of any error messages you get

- etc.

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