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[WP8] Songs occasionaly does not start

[WP8] Songs occasionaly does not start

I have a possible bug to report, I have made a playlist available for offline listening, when I listen to music in that playlist and skip track using my mic controler (Powerbeats by dr dre), spotify occasionaly does not jump to the next track. Also the overall skip track is to slow.


- Your country : Sweden
- Your specific phone model: Lumia 920
- Your phone's Operating System and version: WP8, 8.0.9903.10
- Are you using 3G, WiFi?: WIFI





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I too have experienced this bug enough that I was about to log a new bug report for it.  Quite often using either the remote it will just stop playing.  The only fix I've found is to re-start Spotify or select a new track from a playlist to start playing all over again - meaniong getting the phone out of your pocket, unlocking it, blah blah - a complete nuisance.

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