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[WP8] Spotify causes my Lumia 920 to freeze

[WP8] Spotify causes my Lumia 920 to freeze

Hi, as you can read in the subject title. It seems like there's something which has to do with Spotify that causes my WP8 device (Lumia 920) to freeze. Today is the second time this happens to me. Last time it happened to me was about 1 month ago, and that time I also used spotify. I do not, however, remember if both of the freezes happened when I switched song, or if it just happened during the song...

Soft reset wont even work so in other words, it becomes completely frozen. Just the other day i checked my storage and saw that I had plenty of space left (about 16gb of 32), so that's most likely not the problem...

Last time i solved this issue by just letting the phone be, and wait for the phone to discharge the battery. Pretty annoying since I had to keep my headset plugged in to the phone in order for it to not make one of those "scratched cd-repeating sound"...

Today I did the same thing, and atm I'm waiting for the battery to fully charge, which I think it needs to be in order to restart... (can't restart it atm and if i remember correctly that was the case last time).

If anyone has a similar problem and a quickfix, please respond 🙂
If anyone knows what causes this problem, please respond 🙂
If Spotify could get their thumb out of their ass and release an update, please do so 🙂

Cheers /Herpderp

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