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WP8 Spotiy app still lags

WP8 Spotiy app still lags

I am reviewing streaming services (30 day trial) at the moment and would not shoose Spotify whilst you cannot select via Albums or Artists, which you can do on other platforms I beleive - and no I do not want to search each and every time or make playlists out of all the albums I would have.

Secondly the Sonos Spotify app is pretty rubbish as well.

Google Pay Music is far better on Sonos.

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Hi @justinhow 


Sorry to hear that you aren't happy with the Windows Phone's Spotify app. I believe that they have only just recently started developing on the Windows Phone's platform. I hope that soon the app will be up to the IOS and Android standards. 🙂

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Hi SuperWisdom,

Thanks for the reply however as this link makes clear Spotify have had a WP app out for some time (launched in beta Feb 2013) so they have had plenty of time, so who knows how long it may take for them to add this still pretty basic functionality to the app.



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