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[WP8] Won't go online when roaming

[WP8] Won't go online when roaming

Country: Netherlands

Phone: Nokia lumia 920 latest update

Windows Phone 8 (duh 😉 )


It seems that spotify can't go onlina via 3G, i think this is because i'm roaming. Via wifi everything is working well, but outside spotify is offline. Maybe make somekind of a message that says: 'you are roaming' instead of disallow the working 🙂

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Is this problem still affecting you? Have you tried with a local sim card to see if it only "breaks" when roaming?


PS does this sound like the same issue?

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Any solutions to this yet? My phone (Lumia 920) goes into some roaming mode every night for some reason, and my Spotify dies. Really disturbing!

This problem is reported in Windows Phone 7 Spotify complain topic YEAR AGO. Spotify fixed this? Nooooooo! 🙂

Sucks! Really irretating! I'm offline right now... Fortunally my girlfriend has f**king ipone so I can still listen, but it's not optimal...

Spotify coders are really lazy... ;DDD

I have this problem too. It's especially painful in Poland, where mobile carriers made an agreement and share their network. In other words, as there are 4 main operators, statistically speaking I'm on roaming 3/4th of the time. Therefore I can rarely use Spotify mobile app. I'm thinking about cancellation of my Premium account... Why would I pay if I can't use what I'm paying for?

Still an issue for me. I have Tele2 but actually are on T-mobile network. So I cannot use Spotify, very annoying!


When is a fix or workaround coming?


I have the same issue. I roam for free in Denmark (I have 3 as operator i Sweden). I can go online with all apps EXCEPT SPOTIFY. It doesn't connect when roaming. 


When I get back to Sweden to my regular network it connects just fine. This is a dealbreaker for me.


Nokia Lumia 1020, WP8

I've only found one solution to this problem. I tried to switch to using the Wimp music app instead of Spotify. It works just fine when roaming with their app.


Now I'm gonna import my Spotify playlists to Wimp and end my Spotify subscription. 


BTW The Wimp cutsomer service was excellent, Spotify don't even have an email-adress to contact them?!

I use a virtual provider that roams the whole time so I can't stream music at all.

This seems to be a major WP8 bug. Please fix this!

I've seen the same thing on android so I don't think it's limited to WP8. It seems that spotify wants a static IP for some reason. Have you tried getting in touch with customer support using the online contact form ?

I just tested Spotify using the same operator on my android tablet and it works fine (wifi disabled btw)

I guess it's a WP8 specific problem. 

I have opened this as a bug with the Spotify team here on the community for further investigation. 

If you could add your details to the bugs topic that would be greatly appreciated!


I am going to lock this topic so we can keep all reports going to the same place.

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